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Effective project management is the difference between organizational success and failure. Train your managers in capability-based planning to support success.

The more effective your project managers, the better your processes, productivity and project outcomes. Through project management training using capability-based planning approaches, your organization can equip managers with the skills and best practice knowledge they need to make a positive difference.

A globally recognized benchmark for project management, KGC’s capabilities-based planning (CBP) project management program is delivered by project management specialists and customized to your needs. Through employee training, which can be delivered via our digital training platform , you can build skills and retain top project management talent.

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Project management professional development units (PDUs) programs
Improve your project management processes through KGC’s customized programs. Each program is adapted to your specific project management training goals and can be delivered onsite or at dedicated training locations.
Managing The Global Firm
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Managing The Global Firm
In Person & Online
Managing The Global Firm
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Specialized training and development refers to targeted programs that are designed to enhance specific skills and competencies unique to certain industries, job roles, functions or needs. Our CBP project management program is an example of this.

Specialized training areas include project management, statistical research skills, polling station management, search and rescue training, document management, customer service, innovation, logistics and supply chain, information security, electoral processes, and events management.

Specialized training enhances organizational capabilities by equipping employees with the expertise needed to handle unique challenges and deliver exceptional performance. It improves efficiency and productivity in areas like project management, leading to better outcomes.

Yes, specialized training can be customized to cater to the specific needs and requirements of different industries and organizations. This ensures the training content and approach align with the unique challenges and goals of your organization.

The process typically involves conducting a thorough needs assessment, identifying the specific skills and knowledge gaps, designing a customized training curriculum, delivering the training through appropriate methods, and evaluating the effectiveness of the program.

Specialized training programs provide employees with opportunities for skills development and career advancement in their areas of interest. This can enhance engagement, job satisfaction and overall performance, and lead to higher employee retention.

We have experience across multiple industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, oil and gas, manufacturing and retail. We also work with national governments. We customize our solutions to the unique needs and challenges of each industry.